Message To Women

Strength Training Is Not Just For Men

Message-To-Women - 01
  • Along the exercise spectrum, women tend to gravitate to Yoga and Pilates, and both are great, but .....
  • Women need strength training just as much as men, or more.
  • But, strength training is generally left to those sick and twisted testosterone based life forms.
  • This is flawed behaviour. Resistance training (weight bearing exercise) is needed to help maintain muscle tone and bone health.
  • Every cell needs calcium. If you havenít stressed the bones and supporting muscles in certain areas, then those cells are not replenished.
  • Use it or loose it ladies.
Message-To-Men - 02
  • What men and women both need is a balance between Functional Strength and Flexibility training (Yoga).
  • Machines and muscle isolation techniques do not cut the mustard. You need to work your spine.
  • Functional Strength training exercises recruit groups of muscles and work towards total body integration.
  • Try doing a bicept curl standing on a bosu. You are working every thing from the arches of the feet, to the base of the skull, in addition of course to the bicept.
  • The benefits include: balance, core strength, posture, mobility, coordination and integration of muscle groups.
  • But, don't neglect your Yoga. It is the best flexibiltiy training there is, never mind that it brings with it a whole host of other benefits.