Message To Men

Yoga Is Not Just For Women

Message-To-Men - 01
  • Along the exercise spectrum, men tend to gravitate to muscle building and "no pain, no gain" type of sporting activities.
  • Flexibility is usually left for dead in a ditch along the roadside.
  • The problem is, the older we get the less our bodies will put up with this flawed behaviour.
  • At some point, our bodies will send us signals. These are called INJURY and PAIN.
  • Unfortunately, we tend to continue to practice the "no pain, no gain" philosophy and push through the pain.
  • Guys, this just leads to more injury and more pain.
Message-To-Men - 02
  • What men and women both need is a balance between Functional Strength and Flexibilty training.
  • Yoga is the best flexibiltiy training there is, never mind that it brings with it a whole host of other benefits.
  • Low and behold many professional athletes have discovered this and now attend yoga classes.
  • Functional Strength training can provide all the muscle building benefits you previously got, plus. plus, plus.
  • The benefits include: balance, core strength, posture, mobility, coordination and integration of muscle groups.
  • Try doing your bicept curls and tricep extensions while standing on a Bosu on one leg, or while kneeling on a stability ball. You will quickly understand.