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Play Better Golf - Less PAIN - Less Injury – More Fun

Train this winter for the next golf season!

Beware: "Strength And Flexibility Fore Golf" is NOT your normal exercise class!

Develop a strong core, stability and balance by progressing from easy to hard.

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Locations: “Strength and Flexibility Fore Golf” classes are held in the Toronto North York area.

Class Size: Class sizes are small, 10 people maximum. Individual attention is the norm.
Schedules (Click To Download):

          January 7, 2018 - April 2018:                     North York  Arrow.Emphasis - Right

Call or email for information.

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Build A Solid, Stable Flexible Base For A Consistent Swing.

Would you try to hit a golf shot from a canoe? Of course not, the base of support is unstable. You will end up in the drink, and your shot will end up who knows where.

Your body is the base of support for your shot. If it is unstable or restricted in its movement patterns, all manner of bad things happen: sways, slides, standing up, chopping down, fat shots, thin shots, etc.

Lack Of Strength Flexibility Stability Balance

“Strength and Flexibility Fore Golf” Classes:

  • Build strength and flexibility to promote stability and balance.
  • Develop flexibility throughout those areas most needed in golf.
  • Use balanced functional strength for total body fitness and to enhance joint stability.
  • Use yoga to restore a flexible base on which to build strength.
  • Provide golf warm-up and pre-game mobilization routines.
  • Encourage you to develop at your own pace. Everyone’s body is different.

Why Should I Do This?

The golf swing is not good for the spine.

Our bodies are not designed to flex, bend and rotate at speed. Lack of strength, flexibility, stability and balance lead to dysfunction and compensations, which lead to poor technique and PAIN!!!.

The classic example is golfer’s lower back pain. However the low back is most likely not the source of the pain. Instability and immobility in other areas of the body lead to overuse of the lower back which leads to PAIN!!!

Insufficient strength, flexibility and stability to maintain a neutral spine throughout the swing leads poor shots and PAIN!!!

If you are in PAIN you do not play well, if you can play at all.

Older bodies do not tolerate golf’s abuse well. The older you get the more you need strength, flexibility, stability and balance training to remain mobile. Your quality of life is directly proportional to your mobility.

Golf Shot From A Canoe

Strength, Flexibility, Stability, Balance, Yields Mobility.01.png

C Posture Pain

What’s important?

First, realize that the less mobility you have in your feet, hips, upper spine and shoulders, the more you must twist your lower back to compensate. Overuse of the lower back means PAIN!!!

Core Strength: Provides the base for developing strength, flexibility, stability and balance throughout your body. It allows you to maintain a neutral spine throughout the swing. It protects your lower back.

Upper Spine Flexibility:   Provides 450 of your shoulder turn (hips 200, knees and feet 250).

Hip And Leg Strength And Flexibility: Are necessary for the hip hinge required to attain a proper address stance and to maintain the swing plane.

Shoulder Mobility: Affects width in the swing, accuracy, power.

Foot Mobility: Is important for your body turn and especially for dynamic balance.

Stability In All Joints: Affects the maintenance of your swing plane, degree of knee flexion, shoulder turn.

Strength And Flexibility Throughout: Affects the Range Of Motion in your swing, the degree of turn, swing plane and thus POWER. Remember, more power equals longer drives.
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Golf - Restrictions Affecting Swing Faults & Pain.jpg

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