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Strong, Grounded, Balanced, Yoga Inc.

"Strong, Grounded, Balanced, Yoga" is a private corporation serving the greater Toronto and Markham Ontario, Canada areas.

I specialize in teaching Golf Fitness, Functional Strength, Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga and Seniors' Fitness.

Strength and Yoga training sessions can be performed as “on site”, “at home,” or “at club” personal training or group training sessions. Sessions are by appointment only.

Golf fitness classes are pre-registered, scheduled classes in the Toronto North York and Markham areas.

Sessions can be tailored to an individual’s fitness level, body architecture and restrictions.
Call or email for information.

Owner and Instructor:

Joseph Donnelly is a certified Golf Biomechanic, a Registered Yoga Teacher, a certified Pilates Instructor, a certified Group Fitness Instructor and a Golfer. He has been teaching fitness for over 25 years.





 Strong, Grounded, Balanced, Yoga Inc. Logo

Strong, Grounded, Balanced Yoga Inc.
Phone: 416-321-9270
Serving the Toronto GTA area.