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Four Corner Stones Of Physical Fitness


  • Strength, Flexibility, Stability and Balance
  • All are interdependent.
  • All together they enable posture and mobility.
  • Ask any senior what they fear most. They will most likely say “ the loss of my mobility”.

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Our Body

The human body is a complex system of systems in which everything is connected to everything else. Everything needs to be in balance. Imbalance leads to dysfunction. Dysfunction leads to PAIN.

My friend on the right is constructed of wooden pegs held together by a balance of tensions in softer, more pliable cords. This is a great visual parallel for our body's skeletal system and its supporting musculature.

Imagine what would happen if you took one of the leg cords and twisted it?

You would of course increase the tension the leg cord. That tension would be reflected throughout the rest of the structure pulling much of it out of its optimum alignment.

Similarly, in the human body, dysfunction in one area leads to dysfunction in other areas. The result is PAIN.

For example:
  • Lack of sufficient strength to stabilize the hip joints causes hip inflexibility and can lead to back and shoulder PAIN.

  • For golfers, inflexibility in hips and upper back requires the lower back to compensate, which results in low back PAIN.

  • Inability to build an arch in the foot impacts mobility, balance, knees, hips, and so on up the spine.
Model Of Man Made Of Pegs & String



Functional Strength is used to build a strong core and balanced total body strength.


Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga techniques are key to restoring and maintaining flexibility, ease of movement and body awareness.


Joint stabilization exercises from both functional strength and yoga, build stability.


Exercises are performed in progressions from positions of stability to instability to retrain the body's ability to balance.


Strength, Flexibility, Stability and Balance yield mobility


Golf Fitness is a special blend of functional strength and yoga targeting the sport specific needs of the golfer.


Seniors' Fitness adapts functional strength, yoga and pre-yoga for the older individual.


Functional Strength and Yoga training sessions can be performed as “on site”, “at home,” or “at club” personal training or group training sessions. Sessions are by appointment only.

Golf Fitness classes are pre-registered, scheduled classes in the Toronto North York and Markham areas.

Sessions can be tailored to an individual’s fitness level, body architecture and restrictions.

Call or email for information.

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